Thursday, May 26, 2005


Not my bra size.
That's the temperature announced over the loudspeaker as my plane
descended in Niamey at 930pm. Correct, PM.
Many of you know I was flying to Ouagadougou but in an extreme example
of 'can I follow you to where you're going' I got off the plane one
stop ahead.
I've been in Niamey since Monday night. I'm being cheap and sleeping
in a dorm with an electric fan. My digital thermometer informs me
that our dorm room is body temp (and I may still be malaria-free). I
love my hotel and have a new best friend there, but the heat is
killing me. Imagine the hottest thing you've ever felt. Sustain it
for several days. Welcome to my new world.
Still, things are good. I seek giraffes. Today I rode a boat of sorts.
Photos are difficult to obtain. It feels too much like a violation to
start snapping away. I have a photo of a cow though. My film may be
fried. Hopefully not.
I will probably leave a week early. There seem to be no other tourists
here. The climate makes it rather obvious why, I suppose.
Gotta go now and seek a cheap way to see giraffes. And yes, I am
actually going to make it to Ouagadougou eventually.
By the way, Africa is a seriously expensive destination.
Comment roll call from what i remember....
Phu - Rolling is a bit of a myth I think. My sleeping sheet is smaller folded.
Darcy - See, even though I'm not at work I'm still around to entertain
you. And don't be mean to fat kids =p
Justine - There are rather big lizards in our compound, but none
inside. I'm convinced one peed or pood on me today as I sat outside
b/c I felt something on my head.
Bosun - Thanks for the Kylie update. I wasn't sure how Glasto would be
affected. Oh well, lots to choose from anyway.
All London people - Anyone mind having a small Tess staying with them
for a while? And/or hanging on to some of my random souvenirs while I
traipse around the rest of the summer?