Saturday, June 12, 2010

BLOG 3.0

1.0 The blog started when I left on a four-month trip.
2.0 The blog became a mishmash and was partially abandoned.
3.0 The blog will try to become your helpful friend.

I've covered a lot of ground since the blog started in 2005 due to an unusually flexible job where I'd generally leave work for around two months each year to travel.  But now I've changed jobs and am limited to a 9-5, two weeks off at a time, position.  So what shall I do to entertain myself?

I've noticed that I get a lot of random questions, mostly travel- or food-related.  So I figured that maybe I would write up stuff that maybe would help answer these questions (sort of like brunch blog but without the intense laser focus on brunch).

For now, if you like looking at pictures of other places to kill time, my photo site is up and running but I will be killing it at some point and likely either putting up photos here or on Picasa.

All older posts are in hiding but I might deem some of them as useful, so some may reappear.

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