Friday, November 05, 2010

The Beastly Birthday

Mmm Beast. It's a pretty perfect neighbourhood restaurant. Cozy and friendly with interesting menu options. Ever since I first went there for brunch I've liked it a lot. I also remembered hearing that you have the option of having an entire dinner that revolves around a single animal. And what better excuse for such a meal than a birthday?  I present to you....The Rabbit Throwdown!

Round one: Rabbit Confit with fried green tomato and buttermilk vinaigrette.
Mmmmmmmm fried green tomatoes! Big thumbs up. In retrospect, maybe this was my favourite dish of the night?

Round two:  Rabbit Loin with sweet potato hash, mustard hollandaise, quail egg.It actually took me a while to realize that those weren't carrots as a base. Sneaky!

Round three:  Rabbit "Chorizo" Meatballs with pepian sauce and pepita gremolata.
Oh man, this was a big hit at our table. Big hit. Bulk purchases were discussed. It was so...chorizo-y.

Round four:  Braised Rabbit with gnocchi, piquillo peppers and romesco.
This smelled so good! I was really close to getting sauce on my nose because I couldn't help but lean right in for a sniff! Mmmm squishy gnocchi....

Round five:  Rabbit and Spot Prawn with lentil curry, brinjal pickle, masala raita.
Uhhh....YUM! A touch spicy, lots of flavour and see that spot prawn on top? It was coated in a crispy (nom nom!) batter.

Round six:  Fried Rabbit with coleslaw, cornbread and maple butter.
Ok, we were maybe all a little comatose by now. But mmmmmm! That maple butter mmmmmmmmmmmmm! And when you mixed everything and had a delicious jumble bite it was all oh-so-good! This was sort of like having really awesome fried chicken.

The final round:  Birthday "Carrot Cake" - a no-carrot carrot cake with carrot sorbet (oooo and there's a little crispy honey chip too, it was mmmm!). And just one more carrot cake photo for fun:

It's giganto-cake!

Definitely a fun night; we were all pretty surprised by the rabbit iterations, each dish was quite different than the others. Highly recommended.

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