Wednesday, July 07, 2010


503 College Street

Last visited:  July 7, 2010

Wednesday night at Grace Upstairs: $8 for the bbq (pulled pork sandwich or lamb sausage) / $12 for bbq + a beer / $20 for the lobster boil.
The pulled pork sandwich was on coco bread and had a side of coleslaw.  I liked this!  I lived in the southern U.S. for many years and I haven't really liked most of the pulled pork or bbq that I've tried in Toronto (to the point where I pretty much stopped eating it here).  But I liked this!  It had a very smokey flavour.  And I like the softness of coco bread.  Coleslaw was pretty good - not the best ever, but not bad.

The lamb sausage had sauce on it and a side of potato salad.  I liked the sausage ok.  The flavour was quite strong, so it was a touch gamey for me.  The potato salad was nice!  It had hard-boiled egg in it.

And then we also shared the lobster!  Because it's fun being excessive!  Pretty straightforward, they boil the lobster, crack it for you and serve with butter and chili oil to dip in.  Mmm lobster in butter - what's not to like?

This was the third bbq of the summer, I'm not sure how many they'll be having.  It was a lot of fun, I would go back.  Everyone working there was really friendly.  The place was pretty full by around 8:00 - the bbq starts at 6:00.  FYI, it's not outdoors, you go to Grace Upstairs (the little door beside Grace on College St.), order at the bar and find a seat where they'll serve you whatever you ordered.  There's a door onto the roof where they bbq but you sit inside Grace Upstairs.

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