Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I like Black Hoof (938 Dundas St. W.) and I like Hoof Cafe (923 Dundas St. W.).  I'll randomly update this post if I eat at either for dinner. 


July 11, 2010: Fried chicken dinner at Hoof Cafe.  $25 gets you four biscuits, homemade gravy and hot sauce, coleslaw and half a chicken, cut up and fried.  This also makes for delicious leftovers.  I think the hot sauce was my favourite part.  The fried chicken isn't on the chalkboard menu, it's one of the specials, available Sundays and Mondays.

February 1, 2011: Goodbye Hoof Cafe! Closing at the end of the month for a revamp and reinvention. Goodbye crispy pork pita, malteaser, jesus bacon brunch, crispy beans and chickpeas, numerous iterations of suckling belly! Goodbye menu of delicious drinks, fried chicken with house-made hot sauce, apple toffee dessert thingie I had this weekend! While this may bode well for my arteries and wallet, I am sad to see you go.

Oh I was at Black Hoof this weekend also. The Lamb Tongue/Eggplant Ragu was pretty bowl-lickingly delicious. Pig Head Tacos also got a thumbs up from our table. There's also a yuzu drink on the menu and I am a mega-yuzu fan so another thumbs up.

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